NOW IT’S HOT! –  “milky” or cloudy water from upswing in temperatures ……..

I’ve had several calls just recently from people who have been suffering with “milky” or cloudy water in their pool. The main cause has been the sudden increase in temperature in the past couple of weeks.  Such temperature changes plays havoc with water parameters and zaps the chlorine from the pool.

Having looked after dozens of pools daily for over eight years here, I can tell you from experience that no two pools are the same, but when it comes to summer in Spain chlorine demand can increase up to six-fold.

People ask how many hours a day should their pump be running and when I tell them minimum six hours they seem amazed. Try running your pump for three or four hours a day at this time of year and you’ll see how long it takes your pool to turn cloudy or even green.

Another factor is the “bathing load” or in plain English people using the pool. Yes people using the pool! Throughout the rest of the year the majority of us use the pool either rarely or not at all, then when the heat kicks in we are all in there. Bathing load also zaps the chlorine, and then you’ve got the evaporation and replacement of water which is diluting the chemicals. So now you can see where the chlorine is disappearing to.

If you can never really anticipate the bathing load then you could have automatic dosifiers installed that constantly monitor the parameters and inject small amounts the second they sense a change.


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