EVAPORATION – pools need extra care to prevent "Summer Green Pool" ……..

I get many clients asking is their pool losing water or is it due to evaporation. If in doubt do the simple evaporation test. fill a bucket of water and float it in your pool (out of reach of dogs so they can’t drink it ! ) and tie so it doesn’t float off to the middle, make a line or mark where the water level is on the bucket and then do the same on the pool – measure the lines a couple or few days on and the distance should be the same. if the distance in the pool is lower then you probably have a leak. One client had only a water deposit to top his pool up which had to be filled via a tanker (expensive). We calculated his loss through evaporation to be around 2,000 litres per week in the height of summer – suggested a pool cover, which he agreed to and cut his evaporation by 96%. Not only that, his pool is on average five degrees warmer than all the pools without a cover (28 degrees Centigrade on 26th May). The cost of these covers are very reasonable, considering you could gain around a month either end of the swimming season and reduce water and chemical loss.

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