Many of you ask when do I need to flocculate. First, I will explain what flocculation is.

Sometimes especially after Super-chlorination or filling your pool from a well, you water may have no sparkle or look dull, yet all the parameters are correct and you’ve tried backwashing and everything you know.

There is a chemical product called Flocculant which basically acts like a liquid blanket taking all the small articles to the bottom. I personally only recommend flocculation as a last resort.

Right so here’s the process:

Make sure before you start that the water level is as high as you can get it, because this procedure loses a lot of water. Read the instructions and be sure to dispense the correct amount of liquid for your pool into a watering can with a rose attached (no that’s not the flower, but the bit that makes the water sort of sprinkle thingy).

Apply the liquid over the entire surface of the water with the pump switched off and the timer off. You’ll see the pool start to go milky and after a few hours the "blanket" forms and takes all the small particles to the bottom.

Normally you will have to wait somewhere between 12 and 24 hours before it all settles.

You will now have what looks like a pile of fluff sitting on the pool floor which you will have to vacuum to WASTE to get rid of.

Be careful and don’t rush as the "blanket" is easily disturbed and will redistribute itself.

If you’ve done everything well, you may have a sparkling clean pool, and even maybe, still some blobs of flocculant here and there, in which case repeat the process, as flocculant CAN block the filter and cut it’s efficiency, so best to get it all out than have to change the sand.

NEVER use flocculant on any other filter media than sand as it can block it completely.

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