Nitrates can promote the problem growth of algae in swimming pool water and can enter the water from such sources as:-

Decaying plant matter, fertilizers, contaminated well water, acid rain, contamination with soil, ground water runoff, bird droppings, bather wastes, urine and sweat.

Nitrate is a vital plant nutrient and the presence in swimming pool water, above 10-25ppm, can cause accelerated algae growth in poorly maintained pools.

Pools that are properly maintained usually do not have unexpected difficulty controlling algae even in the presence of low levels of Nitrates. Higher levels of Nitrates can make algae control more difficult and increase the amount of chlorine required to maintain satisfactory control of algae.  It is possible to remove Nitrates by placing packets of Ion-exchange resins in the skimmers, but the most practical and common method is water replacement.  This is practical only if the new water is virtually nitrate free.  Testing for Nitrate is not common but in those cases where algae control is proving difficult, despite apparently ideal pool water conditions, testing for Nitrate and Phosphate might be advantageous.


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