That’s the big question – but if you’re asking me I’ll tell you every time definitely tiled, and mosaics are the best.
Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Painted Pools:
If you read the paint manufacturer’s instructions they will say that a pool needs to be painted every year.
You need to remove ALL the old paint before painting and apply two coats.
Some pool paints need TEN days curing between coats.
Painted surfaces are quite often rough and porous (algae traps)
Painted pools are more difficult to maintain.
If ALL the instructions are not followed you get bubbles appearing on the walls AFTER you have filled the pool.

Tiled Pools:
OK so the initial outlay is expensive, but in the long term you will save money.
Less chemical use.
Smooth surfaces throughout the whole pool.
Easier to maintain.
Cleaner look.
Colours limited to your imagination.
More time spent enjoying the pool less time spent combating algae.
A correctly tiled and grouted pool will last a lifetime

The decision is yours!

If you need help or advice on swimming pool surfaces

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