I was recently called out to a pool that was losing half of the water in a day. It was only losing water when the pump was on. Pool leaks are a process of elimination.

And after asking lots of questions and doing various tests we discovered the leak. Here was a problem which I have seen before. Many pool builders use flexible pipes for many reasons – one entire run without any joints, pipes can go around corners (if not bent too sharply) thus using less fittings. When fitting these (or any) pipes it is essential to tie them to the pool wall as high as possible underneath the pool surround and then backfill with small rounded shingle, sand or riverbed stone.

If earth is used to backfill, it shrinks over time pulling the pipes with it, pulling the pipes from the fittings and causing leaks.

This pool had flexible pipes and had been backfilled with earth and the pipes has been pulled out from a tee and when the pressure was increased from the pump running the joints opened up – lucky the owners called us in (after the maintenance company tried in vain to cure the problem) and decided not to fill the pool anymore because over time it could have affected the structure of the house.

If you need help or advice on your swimming pool, call us – we don’t bite- honestly !

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