Over eleven years of experience in dealing with all
types of pool, you would think I’ve come across them
all, well in truth, I doubt it, because in this business
as in many others you learn something new every day.

But what I can say is that:

  •  There are no two pools the same
  •  Very rarely is there a problem that CANNOT be resolved
  •  What may completely frustrate you, for us can be quite simple
  •  It pays to use a professional and is normally cheaper


Many times I have been called out to a swimming pool that
the owner has been battling with for ages (and even years)
only to solve their problem in one visit and even give them
a bit of (discreet) advice on how to avoid any future problems!

So if you have got a swimming pool that is causing hassle just
give us a call and what you will find is a helpful, friendly service!



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