Quite often I am called out to fix a problem with a swimming pool that has been maintained by the owner and they tell me that they have been looking after their pool for 12 years or so and never had any problems. After a sometimes lengthy question and answer session I discover that they have not been following the correct procedures.

It can take many shapes or forms but basically it is very similar to having picked up bad habits when having ‘driving lessons’ (hence it is always best to go to a driving school, rather than be taught by your dad). If you are not shown the right way from the start, what starts off as a ‘mole hill’ turns into a ‘mountain’. It can take years for a small problem to manifest itself.

A small example: you clean your poor regularly, and follow the same process every time and when the pool is really dirty still hoover it as normal, and then you notice what happens is that all the grime you have just sucked up is coming out back into the pool again – and you are standing there scratching your head wondering what’s gone wrong.

If you have got an above normal amount of dust and dirt on the floor, or especially after a shock treatment to kill algae, you should vacuum to waste so that all the rubbish goes straight out and not through the sand filter. When you vacuum to filter, all the rubbish builds up in the sand and eventually the sand will become blocked and any more junk will just be thrown back into the pool until you backwash. This one of many examples, but a fairly easy one to explain, some are much more complicated.

It’s always best to have professional pool tuition right from the start, but if you think maybe there are one or two things you are not too sure of, have a re-fresher course where I can watch you go through the whole set up and tell you if and where you are doing things wrong.

The cost for correct tuition is always a lot less than putting right something you have done wrong, and although you may think you are managing well at looking after your own pool, remember it could take quite a while before you realise your mistakes.

If you have a swimming pool in Alhaurin el Grande, Alhaurin de la Torre, Coin, Cartama or surrounding areas, give me a call and I will be happy to come and help.


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