Do you use well water to fill your pool? If it is your only source then you have no choice apart from buying it in (you could be lucky enough to have a local farmer who has a BOWSER – tanker to you and me) have a word with him and ask him where he gets his water from, he may be able to save you a small fortune (around €90.00 per 8,000 litres). If you have other sources ie. Town water, then use that but check first your price per cubic metre as prices vary a lot. In Alhaurin el Grande campo water is less than a euro per cubic metre, In parts of Alhaurin de la Torre it can be three times as much, and somewhere in between in Coin.

If your well water has been tested and you know it’s good then use it. But watch out for Iron, Phosphates,and worst of all Nitrates. If your well has any of these then think twice about filling you pool with it, check on our web-site for  more info on Nitrates.

If you have maintenance or repair work planned for your pool and it means emptying all the water out, how do you plan to refill it? In some towns they will take your pool water away and then replace it when you need it (wonderful way of recycling) although I believe there is a charge, ask at your town hall.

Got a well? It’s always full? You think no problem, there’s always plenty of water down there and it’s a very deep well – think again.
The average pool holds 50,000 litres of water and to fill it from even a GOOD water sourced well would be unwise to say the least.

In the first instance you would probably have an empty well before your swimming pool is half full and then guess what? You have no more water in your well thus no water in your house. No problem, I hear you say, the well will be full by tomorrow. Oh no it won’t. Even in very wet periods the well COULD take weeks before it is full again.

This year has been a very dry one and I suspect many wells may be a tad low at the moment, and it looks like we are in for a dry winter (the months when we tend to have most rain have almost come to an end).

MY ADVICE – if you need to empty your pool AND you have a well do you have anywhere to store it?  If not you would be better off all round to buy fresh water than to empty your well.

OK, it’s going to cost you around €600.00 , but you will have water that you would not have to filter for days on end, need a lot less chemicals to get it right, find it easier to achieve a crystal clear swimming pool, and you will not run the risk of emptying your well and having no water at all and possibly burning out your pump ( well pumps can run into thousands to replace).

One final note – I have heard of people using canal or irrigation water to fill their pool – be very careful as it often contains animal and human faeces, dead animals and many other nasties.

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