After you’ve done all the hard work and got your pool crystal clear again, it seems the moment your back is turned it’s gone green again.

What have you done wrong? Well probably nothing. If you’ve read part 1 and are sure that your pump is working well, when was the last time you changed the sand in the filter?

The silicone sand in your filter is one of the most important factors in keeping your pool water sparkling. When the sand gets to around four or five years old – and that’s in normal operating conditions – it starts to loose it’s ability to trap smaller particles and is no longer up to the job.

When I say normal conditions, I mean that your pool has been cleaned and maintained all year round with the pump running every day, and that there has been no Algae formations and you have used town and not well water.

If it did go green or you had to fill it from the well you will have cut short the life of the sand because it has had to work harder and may even be coated with algae and just can’t do the job it’s meant to.

You may open the top of your filter an take a look at the sand and think it’s good, but you will notice a big difference in the water clarity when you change the sand.

If your sand needs changing, have it done by a professional as it is one of the dirtiest and most difficult tasks involved in pool maintenance.


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