Is a question very often asked. The answer is nearly always the same,

the pH of the water in your pool has been allowed to drift too high,

allowing calcium to form in the shape of crystals that stick to the

pool wall and can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible

to remove.


Sometimes (if for example the water source is a well) it is hard to

keep your pH at the correct level and one way to may this task slightly

easier is to install magnets on the pipes. I have one client who had a

thick crust on his pool and after trying acid washes to remove what was

obviously a serious case he was advised to have magnets installed, being

his last resort he decided to give it a try, and was amazed that after

just three days the calcium build up had just disappeared.

There are scientists who argue about these magnets do but most agree

that it does work. The magnets change the ions in the water thus

breaking down the calcium, changing its formulae and making it

impossible to stick to the walls. So  if you’ve tried everything

else why not give it a go.  


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