Being in the swimming pool industry, we deal with a lot of pools and a lot of people. The interesting thing about this is we’ve come to realize that the two aren’t so different in a sense. It seems that the complications a pool can bring with it are a little easier understood if we put them in terms you can relate to. So we have a saying: “POOLS ARE LIKE PEOPLE, YOU HAVE TO GET TO KNOW THEM”.

Structurally every pool is relatively the same. They are all bodies of water “floating” in the ground, encased in a frame. They also all require a “circulatory system” because without one, they’re essentially lifeless.

That being said, believe it or not, like people, every pool is different. They too are a product of their surrounding environment. Swimming pools are all affected in some way by sun exposure, rain or fresh water, dirt & debris, swim load and pool chemicals. As a result, pools develop certain habits or tendencies depending on how directly each factor affects their existing body of water. Recognizing these parameters and becoming familiar with them, creates a better relationship and understanding of how a particular pools’ chemistry will react on a consistent basis.

So not only do pools differ in their exposure to the elements, shape, size and volume but they each have a different circulatory system or operating system consisting of a pump & motor, filter, heater, and chlorinating system. This also makes it hard to compare one swimming pool to another, regardless of size. A perfect example is two houses in a community next door to one another, built by the same developer.  One of the clients asked me “why her pool was a little cloudy and her neighbour’s was absolutely sparkling“, fair question, anyone in her position would ask the same thing.  The answer to her question was simple, because they have a Salt System.

While the chlorine in her pool was depleting more and more with every inch of rain that fell, her neighbors pool was still consistently producing chlorine.

So even two pools, side by side, serviced on the same day, the same size, receive the same amount of rain except one reacts differently than the other because it has a different operating system. This could be the same for the pump & motor or filter as well. This is why no two pools or two people are exactly the same. There are simply too many variables to consider. Each pool has its own tendencies, operating system and requires its own, individual attention; even if they happen to be right next to each other.

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